Project Impact (Ahmadu Bello University Zaria)

Vision of the Project: Impacting the lives of prospective Nigeria leaders

Duration of the Project: It’s a life time project

Targeted Location: Kaduna state Zaria,

Mission: Impacting the lives of vulnerable prospective Nigeria leaders (the possibilities of transforming their lives lies in their availability and idleness giving them time to go school,learn trade, mechanical engineering and even carpentry work.)

Though fate has its own way of choosing the kind of parent, household or social status we belong but irrespective of what fate has for us, we can choose the kind of life we want by our own self.

In the northern part of Nigeria, there are children within the age of 7 and 16 roaming the streets as urchins with dirty clothes with no shoe begging for alms in order to survive through the kindness of the passer by.

They are called the Almajiri’s and are thrown into the street practically with no formal education and idleness. This situation makes them prone to clandestine behaviours like robbing, theft, political thugs and even recently been brainwashed to be part of the boko haram sect.

This is a social problem that when worked on, will help to improve and transform their lives in order to reduce or eliminate the socio economic vices cause or might be caused by these children.

The ENACTUS of ABU Zaria believes and still believe that one day, the slave’s son and the slave’s owner’s son will dine and wine on the same table to decide the affairs of our country. We see ourselves as a platform where the possibilities of their lives to greatness can be achieved and in return we derive eternal joy seeing their lives transformed to greatness.

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  1. Ibrahim Hosea

    We are out on a mission to create a positive impact on the lives of many, at this point we are breaking walls and going beyond borders toawards achieving this goal. ENACTUS ABU; Ain’t no stopping us now…Word!!!!!!!!

  2. abigail

    change is the only constant thing in life, and ENACTUS A.B.U is doing this again in another way by impacting the lives of these young leaders. Enactus A.BU. lets go all the way!

  3. Godswill Ameh

    What better way can we see a change in our society other than making an IMPACT In the lives of those around us. Enactus ABU,ZARIA being the change we want to see. Tap that ‘Like’ button to vote. Gracias

  4. isah umar lawal

    Live and let live…If you cant help a hundred, you could start by helping one. make the world a better place by being a part of enactus! #ENACTUSABU…dont forget to punch the “like” button. Thank you!

  5. Victor Bala

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present that is why we the ENACTUS A.B.U. ZARIA Team, is giving this children a HOPE and a VISION with Care which they never had.Together we can make Nigeria better and it begins with YOU.

  6. aisha yahya

    Enactus ABU zaria touching lives and making an impact. Leaving our footprint on the lives of the needy. Making change in our environment. Hit the like button if you are in support…. thank you!

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