Project SCOM(University of Nigeria Nsukka)

Driven by the passion to create a change in our world, the ENACTUS UNN Team identified 20 windows and 10 youths in Ezimo- Ogbulafor in Udenu L.G.A of Enugu State who confirmed that there is high incident of hospitalization and death due to frequent mosquito bites. With this discovery, we came up with a mosquito repellant air freshener, prepared using orange peels, hiptus- swavelence, thanol and ambi pur.

This mosquito repellant air freshener has a lot of advantage over other mosquito repellents because it is non toxic, it does not pollute the environment and it is cheap. It is also produced from the material that is readily available in the immediate surroundings of our target community, most of which are   considered to be waste. It also creates employment opportunity as these women and youths will embark on its commercial production.

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