Project Rise for Rice: Take Action Stage (Federal University of Technology Akure)

In a bid to alleviate hardworking farmer like Mr. Sunday and the rest of his colleague in Aule rice farm at Aule community area in Akure, Ondo state. We the ENACTUS team FUTA have taken the following actions;

We have provided planks enough to build 50scarecrows or more, which we gathered from different sawmills in Akure and close by village, Ilara-Mokin to be precise. We did not just stop at the provision of the planks, we also taught them how to make better and effective scarecrow in which we made and erected about 12scarecrows together at the farm in the last ENACTUS year.

This year we have met with the AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (ADP) at alagbaka in Akure, in order to bridge the communication gap between the government agency and the farmers. For the smooth running of the project, we also established good relationship with the office by making one of the bosses at ADP our BUSINESS ADVISORY BOARD BAB, in person of Mr. Adegbamigbe, and also Dr Fashina at the School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology (SAAT) in FUTA as our staff advisor, and we also partnered with other professors in the same faculty.

After series of meetings with our BUSINESS ADVISORY BOARD (BAB) member and STAFF ADVISER (SA), we came up with a solution of mechanized mixed farming. That is cultivating vegetable in large scale alongside with the rice for it to leverage on, knowing the fact that the vegetable is not seasonal, it takes only 30days to harvest and doesn’t take much capital to start with and its market is ever present around Aule. It will cost N60, 000 to cultivate the vegetable on an acre of land which include the ploughing and harrowing, vegetable seedling and herbicide and is expected to generate N200, 000, 50% higher than the cost of cultivating rice for one farmer in the group. Though still in the course of raising the money and we have written different letters for support to different organizations.

We have started a small scale business tagged Enact quick dinner on the campus to generate funds for the sustainability of the project.

We also went to bank of industry (BOI) to make enquiry about a flexible and affordable loan to acquire farm inputs.

Finally we have created a blog at for online presence to share our ideas with the world and get other peoples view.

All these have been our actions towards enabling progress in Aule rice farm.


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