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Polio does still exist. Although, polio cases have decreased over recent years in Nigeria, Polio does still exist. Despite the progress achieved, as long as a single child remains infected with polio virus, the children in all the communities are at risk of contracting the disease.

ENACTUS FUNAAB has identified a community in Ogun State called the isolu community where Polio still exists. This is an area where there has been a high rate of polio infection which over the years has been freely transmitted from parents to their offspring without any care being raised for such community. The viral disease has gotten so chronic that it has paralyzed the leader (baale) of the community and also made the community so helpless.

This has also brought about segregation in the community schools among children infected and those who are not infected; which have led to discrimination among them. The high rate of this viral infection in this community has made the community not conducive for living, learning and even working for indigenous people.

ENACTUS Team FUNAAB has sought to put adequate measures in place to fight the menace of the polio virus in the community. With this, we also want to put in place adequate care for pregnant infected women in order to prevent the transmission of the disease to the unborn child and also to put up an immunization program to care for the children.

Polio is a viral disease that paralyzes and can also lead to death if not taking care of. Though, for those highly infected, it has no cure but it can be sustained and suppressed through adequate care.

The surrounding and the environment of such area are poor and needs a better living environment also to fight the virus.

We enjoin the support of the people and also Nigerians in fighting this virus through their support towards this project.

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    Pls m a member of enactus unilag,really commend ur efforts,….pls,can i be linked up wit an enactus funaab member,i need my younger sis who is in ur schl 2 join,ma whatsapp no is 08177224617,or call 08063993385…thanks in anticipation

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