Project Newgate (Tai Solarin University of Education)
  • Title of Project: NEW GATE
  •  Duration of the project: 2 years
  •  Name of community you are working with and state where the community is situated:


v  Brief description of the project which include the problem you identified and the possibilities to transform the lives of the people in the community.


Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better  JOHN F. KENNEDY

One of the cardinal objectives of the prison system is to wear prisoners away from crime, other anti-social activities and also give them new directions that will enable them to live normal lives again.

Prison is conventionally proposed to be a rehabilitation center aims at rebuilding, reshaping and upholding acceptable moral value amongst inmates.

But the reverse is the case in Nigeria prison rather than being informatory, the Nigerian prison is degrading, dehumanizing and leaves the prison with least opportunity for reconnecting into the society.

According to desert herald media, more than 67,000 inmates are in Nigeria prison with about 41,000 awaiting trials (61%). Nigeria inmates are termed as gone souls after several years of not been taken to court due to missing files and others.

Over congestion in the prisons is unbearable as inmate population is greater than prison capacity. Anka prison in Anambra state, 98 prisoner’s capacity is presently occupying 452 prisoners constituting (361%) more than its capacity.

This is terrible as most inmates squat overnight for others to sleep (3 inmate on single bed) making sleep a shift, inmates stay without food for 6days and most times, the most disturbing is the pain of impovishment on nursing mothers most struggle to feed their babies in an unconducive environment exposed to health hazard, inmates are forced to excrete in buckets and stay with their excrete for days.

Hence inmates leave the prison in this state mentally and psychologically derailed, one debilitating diseases or the other, and feeling neglected. This causes majority of the inmate to go back into their old ways which leads them to the prison again.

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