Project Inspire (Federal Polytechnic Offa)

A community is said to be the hope of the nation but what do we say of a community where poverty and hunger is suffered by the young and old. Ojoku community shares from this fate. The community profession is farming but it has not been giving good result, our Enactus team saw opportunity in their challenges while providing a lasting solution to the problem of hunger and poverty. We made them understand and trained them how to use fertilizer and other manual treatment for their lands. This community today now prides itself as a food basket of the state and now promises for its inhabitant good and quality standard of living as many of them now farm on land as large as 30 hectares while also possessing houses and other valuables of their own with increased self esteem and high sense of societal belonging.

Our plan was to make the problem of food production and under-utilization of farmlands a history and we believe in achieving this, a farm at a time.

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