Project Impact: Take Action Stage (Ahmadu Bello University Zaria)

The ENACTUS team of A.B.U. after seeing the possibility of these prospective young leaders could be made better beyond begging for money and picking foods by the road side, we decide to take action by gathering these children from the streets. Salihu Abubakar, for instance, said he wanted education so badly that hardly a day goes by without him admiring school children going and returning from schools. The seventh of twelfth children and the only thing he remembers about his parents was when his father dropped him off with his current mallam few years ago. He should be between 9-10 years old. At this stage (taking action) the ENACTUS of A.B.U. team started from transforming the lives of these children into whole by taking relevant and realistic action that won’t only be sustainable, but also would be far-reaching. In order to fully engage them, we sought for their mallams’ permission for their release. Before then, however, we had consulted the basic apprentices in town from shoe cobblers, to carpentry and motor mechanics. While hands on skills training are not the only empowerment program we intend to run with them, we hope to start this training with the intention of encouraging their commitment towards making them see the importance that comes with commitment. Before the sensitisation and campaign, however, we felt the need to engage them first. We enrolled them in the above mentioned workshops, which they report to after school to learn, practice and make shoes, bags, belts, tables, stools, chairs, cloth hangers e.t.c. to sell in the market in order to make money, thereafter the money will be divided into three parts:

The first part goes to their boss for allowing them to learn, the second part for their feeding and upkeeps plus we currently are seeking partnership with S.A.J foods for providing food and clothing materials for them and then the third part will be kept with us so that at the end of their apprenticeship they can use the money for their graduation and to buy their working tools.
The ENACTUS A.B.U. team shall at the end of every two weeks, mostly on Saturdays, meet to sensitize them morally and socially. After the sensitization, we dance, eat and have fun with them. This is to give them the love, warmth and care they never had. Also at the end of every month, the monitoring and evaluating member of the team give reports on how they are fairing and their performance at school and at their various workshops. The reasons for these various empowerment programmes  is to have them make excellent decisions after all and to give them varied opportunities regarding what truly they want to do and be in life.


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