Project Ignite(Tai Solarin University of Education)

Duration of the project: 5 MONTH

Name of community you are working with and state where the community is situated: IJEBU MUSHIN, IJEBU NORTH EAST OGUN STATE

Brief description of the project which include the problem you identified and the possibilities to transform the lives of the people in the community.


Ijebu mushin a rural community in eastern part of ogunstate Nigeria with over 200 inhabitant whose major occupation is farming.

Here is the story of Mrs. Eniola a 41 years widow and mother of 3, got blind due to untreated eye infections her inability to afford drugs prescribed to her by optician lead to her total blindness. This came as a result of smoke emitted from firewood, which is the only source of cooking for her family. Ever since losing her sight things have not been the same for her, she lost her job which makes her result into begging for alms at the community entrance, her children her out of school and lacks parental care, feeding is hard and she depends on passersby for survival. Poverty started this all, her inability to afford other cooking method option rather than cooking with firewood lead to her lost of sight.

But this is not the story of Mrs. Eniola alone but that of over 96 women in Ijebu mushin whose only source of cooking is firewood.

In January 2014, our team conducted our annual GIVE BACK TO THE SOCIETY (GBS) initiative, together with vision eye foundation conducted a free eye test for indigenes of Ijebu-Imushin a total of 116people (84women,21men and 14children). 79 women had different cases of eye related impairment further discovery shows that most of these women cook with firewood.

Majority of the women living in Ijebu Mushin suffers from a high level of Visual Impairments which is largely due to the extensive use of firewood for cooking and has made them economically inactive, unable to cater for their children and families.


Another problem faced by the inhabitant of this community is the increase in the spread of HIV and Stigmatization as people infected with HIV are being stigmatized to death and also suffers from low level of income to purchase their anti-viral Drugs.

Seeing Possibilities

Our Enactus team saw the opportunity on how to tackle this problem by introducing imushin women to a cheaper, affordable and healthier means of cooking and providing them with a supplement for those with eye impairment,  the stigmatized people are now responding/solving their community problem thus engaging them positively back to the Society.


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