Project Ignite: Take Action Stage (Tai Solarin University of Education)

Project ignite was designed to run on a Dual objective Module the first objective is to

1. Is to provide women that suffers from eye defection with access to visual aid

2 Objective is to reduce the future occurrence of visual impairment which is largely caused by the extensive use of firewood by providing the women with alternative faster, healthier and safer means of cooking.

Together with DCVI Foundation (desert community vision initiative) an organization dedicated to providing visual aid to the people in need. We then partnered with this organization to organize a free eye test in imushin community, this is where we discovered 85% of the women living in this community have different form of visual impairment and are in need of visual aid to be able to play their role as a wife and mother in the family.

With the help of DCVI Foundation, we conducted free eye surgery for 137 of the women that are critical condition and distributed eye glasses to the women in need

Our team organize seminar programs showing our target beneficiaries the need to take good care of their eyes and we orientate them on nutritional foods they could eat to boost their visual functionality.

To cap this all we created friends of vision where 16 youths in the community will be trained by DCVI expert to organize and sensitize our women monthly on visual aid programmes and check-up

Second objective module

Considering our target beneficiaries literacy level and income, we designed an innovative cooking system by making use of locally available materials to serve as an alternative to cooking with firewood. It is called the Eco-Stove; it is designed out of clay and uses Briquettes which is also made from agricultural waste (cow dung’s, sawdust, and maize shaft). The uniqueness of this cooking system is that, it is safe, healthier, affordable, and faster and last longer and was strategically designed to meet the need of our target beneficiaries.

in order to promote afforestation in imushin community our team embarked on a tree planting campaign, were we sensitize the people on the effect of illegal falling of trees and the hazards of cooking with firewood and planted over 1,000 tree seedlings worth N100, 000

we effectively empowered 30 women on basic entrepreneurial skill and small scale business, taught basic book keeping, savings and marketing platforms, we formed them into cooperative society to gain access to rotational loan of N30,000

Through our Eco-Stove cooking is now safer, healthier, faster and affordable. Igniting a sparkling future for rural women


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