Project ICS: Take Action Stage (Bayero University Kano)

After discovering the challenges of Increased infertility of farmland and low crop yield experienced by Gwarzo and Madobi communities, there was a need to turn these challenges into possibilities. With a workable solution in mind, there will be Provision of healthier farmland and Food security can be enhanced by providing saver and cheaper crop storage.

We started by partnering with IITA (International Institute for Tropical Agriculture) who gave us training on how the bags are used and introduced us to Laila Agro who is a licensed producer of the sack. We also increased the crop yield of farmers by introducing them to ICS (Improved Crop Storage) sack and neem-cake. The sack suffocates any insect in stored crops while the neem-cake serves as a harmless alternative to chemical insecticide sand pesticides. These few steps invariably helped create jobs for the youth by making them sale-agents of the ICS sacks at various localities. They also make the cakes available for some of the farmers to buy.

We carried out a sensitization program on the dangers of using chemicals to store crops and the wives of these farmers were taught on the extraction of neem-oil from neem seeds and neem-cake from the residue


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