Project HTI (Federal University of Technology Akure)


Title of Project: “Project HTI (HEALTH TO IPOGUN)”

Duration of Project: Continuing Project

Name of community: Ipogun community, Ondo state

 Ipogun is a local community in Ifedore local government area of Ondo. Ipogun which means winning the war has been faced with some wars of recent that she has not been able to overcome and one in particular called “SCHISTOSOMIASIS”.

Schistosomiasis is an illness caused by blood infection: an often chronic illness that results from infection of the blood with a parasitic flatworm schistosome. It causes debilitation and can cause liver and intestinal damage, it causes the incessant release of blood from the privy of both male and female, adults and young ones alike.

The disease was first discovered in ipogun at the turn of the new millennium (between 2001- 2002) when a news editorial described Ipogun as a community where everyone menstruates men and children included.

The community is surrounded by a stream which is the main breeding ground for the snails that are the main carriers of the parasites causing the infection. The villagers are dependent on this stream for a whole lot of things; Washing their farm produce (their major productions are cassava and plantain but they also produce cocoa, rice, and so on), Doing their laundry, Washing their clothes, Taking their baths and most importantly, they depend on this stream for fun. Startling is the fact that community lacks pipe born water.

the children in the community are the ones that are most affected by the disease, this is because the four primary schools in the community are situated right in front of the stream and the children are in the habit of going to the stream immediately after school. The children even after several warnings swim in the river and are not able to communicate their conditions even when they have been infected for months.

This disease is a risk to the lives of the people as well as the wellbeing of the community.

We have been in communication with his Royal Majesty, the Adapogun of Ipogun, key members of the council of elders and the community at large and they realize that they have a problem that requires innovative solutions which is where we come in.

We are young, innovative, entrepreneurial, insightful and we have a passion for proffering applicable solutions. We have global heads but local hearts.

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