Project Fruita (University of Nigeria Nsukka)

Considering the population growth of Nigeria, Agricultural sector has dramatically declined when compared to the past. The lack of technology for the cultivation, harvesting, processing and preservation of farm produce has been inferred to be one of the major problems of agriculture in Nigeria.

Among all, from our research, the sustainable technology for fruit preservation in Nigeria has been the most alarming one. Most of the ripped fruits like mango, banana, and pears etc spoil after maximum of four days due to lack of adequate preservation which in turn leads to waste of resources.

From the information gathered from the commercial fruit sellers, fruits are the cheapest farm produce in the rural areas and the most expensive farm produce in urban areas of Nigeria. To the extent that in many rural areas, a huge amount of fruits got wasted due to lack of preservative knowledge by the average famers in the fruit seasons thereby making fruits to have little or no value that even most of them do not get to the market.

This project is aimed at helping the commercial fruit sellers on how they could preserve their produce since they cannot afford a refrigerator. Owing to this, they usually buy or harvest little of the produce because of lack of preservation and most times they count their losses because their produces are not sold at the appropriate time. This definitely amount to waste and unhygienic environment. But with the invention of our locally made preservation means, we intend to minimize the risk that may arise out of lack of preservation. This locally preservation means is the use of locally made clay pot buried underneath the soil.

With the use of this local fruit preservator, fruits can be preserved for at least 21 days. It is economical, hygiene and creates economical value to those valueless fruits in the rural areas and at the same time lowers the high price of fruits in the urban area. Also fruit sellers can now buy large quantity of fruits that will sell for up to 21 days unlike before when they can only buy small quantity that must be sold within 4 days. The use of our locally made fruit preservator will create more job opportunity in the rural area because they can now make more profits from their farm produce and as this fruit sellers make more profits, some jobless people in the rural areas will give themselves job by moving into the business. Finally it reduces the high rate of relocating from rural areas to urban areas in search of job that contributes to the overcrowding of Nigeria cities like Lagos.

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