Project Atelewo (Tai Solarin University)
  • Duration of the project: 3 MONTHS
  • Name of community: TASUED IJAGUN OGUN STATE

Unemployment in Nigeria, particularly in the form of Graduate unemployment has become pronounced in the last decades due to relative difference between the Nigerian Graduate and inelastic labor absorptive capacity of the Nigeria Labor Market.

Youth unemployment is a growing menace in our society, this resulting to robbery, terrorism and other anti-social activities. Nigeria immigration service recruitment is an ugly picture of worsened case of unemployment in Nigeria. Imagine graduate writing exam without tables,

According to the coordinating minister of the economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala speech on Thursday 4th of April 2014, she said “5.3 million graduates are unemployed and 1.8 million join employment market each year, she encourage our young ones to create job and to become entrepreneur.

Statistics have showed that over 54% of Nigerian Youth are Unemployed with 80% Graduating from Nigerian Institutions every year with no Job after one year of service.

Even with the few available jobs, most of the Nigerian graduates do not possess the right emplo ability skills and as a result do not have any competitive advantage and desirable skills to command the attention of the employers. As, Prof. Pat Utomi had once disclosed that 3% of Nigeria Graduates are employable only but 5% hypothetically can claim to be globally competitive and ready for the labor market.


Problem identified:

High rate of youth Unemployment most especially Graduates

Through our Need Assessment we were able to discover the following reason for the stated problems:

  • Most of the Nigerian Graduates have a Poor Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Lack of Business and Entrepreneurial skills amongst youths.
  • The very short life span of small starts ups due to lack of finance and infrastructure.
  • Low Self Esteem
  • High dependency rate on parent and guardian
  • Most of the Nigerian Graduates are Certificate Driven
  • Students engaging in social vices such as robbery, street urchin, prostitution and alms begging as a form of relief


Our team saw the opportunity of how to tackle this problem by providing youths with a scalable economical, socially friendly and environmental responsible business that will create jobs for the Unemployed

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