Power in my Palms: Take Action Stage (Kaduna Polytechnic)

There lies a place of over 160 million people where adults and young people can come together at the table; debating, grappling with problems, crafting solutions and jointly deciding on how resources should be allocated and managed. Rather, 19 million people are not represented, summing up to a basic 30.4% of the Nigerian population, just because they are physically challenged. Truth be told, these physically challenged individuals are not considered potential members of the workforce. Also, perception, myth and social discrimination continue to limit the understanding and acceptance of these individuals in the labor market, thereby subjecting them to abject poverty and isolation. However, we see a group of special people who can achieve their dreams of a fulfilled life despite their disabilities through skill acquisition trainings, social integration and motivational workshops.

We started by conducting a needs assessment. Our team developed a suitable curriculum for teaching these physically challenged individuals, skill acquisition, but before doing this, we interrogated motivational training into the learning process of the project. Beneficiaries were to inspire hope and improve their self esteem. It was after this we trained over 70 physically challenged individuals on different marketable skill. 23 of them were also trained on the production of emulsion pain. In doing this, we provided instruction manuals (Braille and sign language videos) to enable these people sell their works to sales outlets (online market and retail store).

Our team also developed and implemented a unique marketing strategy I.e. the “three-for-all” approach) where each of these physically challenged individuals complements the disability of others with their ability. Their products were registered with the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and Nigeria business index to enable their product be on a global platform.


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