Project Hope (Ekiti State University)

TITLE OF PROJECT: HOPE (Helpless orphans privileged by enactus)

DURATION: April 2012 to Date.

NAME OF COMMUNITY: Ado metropolis, Ado local government, Ekiti-State.


Project HOPE is focused solely on empowering Delightsome Oaks Orphanage and the orphans in the home by providing a business venture for the orphanage home at the same time transferring valuable skills to the orphans so they can be gainfully employed when they leave the home rather than becoming street urchins and constituting nuisance to the society.

The orphanage home was provided with a soup making venture as an additional source of income while the capacity of the orphans was built as valuable skills; wire works, bead making, knitting, ICT, soap making and bird keeping was transferred to them. This will in turn reduce the rate of unemployment in the society.


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