Project LET; Leather work and tomato puree: Take Action Stage (Usman Danfodio University Sokoto)

Do we continue to sit, fold our hands and look while these poor farmers suffer to plough and cultivate their seeds, yield bumper harvest but let their joy just last a while, while they can be happy all year and relax to enjoy the fruit of their labour? Do we fold our hands and watch these people get cheated of their own resource in exchange for already made/finished goods; instead of teaching them how to get their own finished goods and still make profit out of it?

The answer is NO.

And it is with these that we the ENACTUS students of Usmanu Danfodio University set out in search of solution to these challenges. And soon enough we found answer lying in our palms and swung into action. We started by educating these people on how they could store their tomatoes for a longer period of time without it getting spoilt and at a cheaper, easier and healthier local method. And also sensitize them on the disadvantage of exchanging their raw materials for already made products and benefits they can get from making the goods themselves.

We then employed the services of two leather work experts and working hand in hand together with these people, we started teaching them the method of pasteurization to enable them store their tomatoes and with the leather works experts, we taught them on the gradual steps to make leather works with their leftover skin from their sold out cattle.


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