Project Neem (Bayero University Kano)


Project Duration: 2years

Community we are working with: KURA, GWARZO, TARAUNI, MADOBI and KUMBOTSO

State Communities are located at: Kano State.
Brief Description:


  • Abundance of Neem-tree in more than 60% of the 44 local governments in Kano. Neem tree is a tropical and evergreen plant having thousands of medicinal and economic benefits. The people in this region are ignorant to its benefits so see the seeds and leaves produced by the tree as waste. Thus these communities burn the neem seeds and leaves which causes ozone layer depletion.
  • Most of the farmers in these local governments live in abject poverty because the whole family is solemnly dependent of the husband as the breadwinner of the family. The women are locked in-doors and contribute nothing to the economic and social well-being of the family. This is due to cultural and religious limitations restricting them from going out to venture into any business.



  • Oil can be extracted from the neem seed which is very marketable due to its medicinal benefits. The residue of the extraction (neem-cake) is an alternative to synthetic pesticides and can greatly increase the harvest of the farmers.
  • The women within these localities could be trained on how to extract this Oil which they can do at the comfort of their houses.

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